Wednesday, July 09, 2008


-There's a guy in my psych class who has tusks. He's cool, I talk to him every now and then, we're in the same quiz section etc. Seriously though, he's got tusks.

-There's a strange thing which I've seen three or four times recently. A cursory glance suggests that the person I'm seeing is a kind of scrawny student, but taking even a moment to look carefully at them reveals that they're one of the long bearded raggedy old street crazies that roam the area. It's freaky for your perception of a person to spontaneously gain thirty years.

-Tiny children roam the streets. The areas around my apartment are stalked by the clamoring hordes of the YMCA summer day camp. Then there's the bizzare wyrm that flows from the University District Community Center child thing. These are particularly disturbing because they're lead around by being ordered, or perhaps bound, to hold onto a long knotted rope, forming this composite toddler snake that writhes across the U-District. The campus itself is haunted by packs of head start kids. Proto-nerds bounding clumsily around the halls of the Physics Astronomy complex, and masses of miscellaneous children that are blow across the rest of campus by some ill wind.

-There's a bookstore on the Ave known as "Twice Sold Sales." They rotate their window display fairly frequently and I make a semi-regular habit of checking what they have on display. I was literally shocked still this morning when I looked up from my own thoughts to see what books were being displayed and instead found a few kittens. Strange non-sequitur kittens in a display case with only a few random unarranged books. Orange and white forms basking in the sun. There was a brief moment where I thought that these were fake display objects, but as soon as I looked directly at them one of them reached groggily towards me, its tiny paw stroking along the glass, before it fell back into that almost sublime sleep that is only had by cats basking in the sun.


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