Saturday, July 19, 2008


-Double Experience weekend is a great idea for the "City of X" game franchise. It brings in prospective players, and it brings back old players. Most importantly though it helps you get through the fact that early on you don't have enough powers to make the game that interesting, and later on it's too damn hard to level.

-Double Experience weekend is also a interesting form of impromptu stress test. Over the normal cycle of events the Freedom server is at medium load half the time, Virtue is at medium load during peak hours, and the rest are almost always on light load. I tend to play on those two servers because the increased player density makes it a lot easier to find a team. On Friday Freedom hit heavy load. Saturday morning was what peak hours normally are, which is crazy for any kind of morning, and somewhere around 2 p.m. Freedom crashed. A few moments ago Virtue also crashed. Infinity is suddenly up to medium load. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's just angry players from Freedom and Virtue rolling up new characters, and if this theory is right then by tomorrow night only Victory, a server with approximately 7 active players, will be straining with the collective angry populace of the community.

-Characters named PR3D4T0R are not allowed to criticize the creativity of other peoples names.

-The other day a bus driver honked and waved while speeding past a stop. He drove a block past it, pulled over, opened the door and jumped out. Literally from the drivers seat to the sidewalk. He then sprinted like a mad man into a local taco restaurant, presumably to use the restroom, and left the bus sitting open for five minutes. I for one approve.


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