Saturday, August 02, 2008

I love those guys

My PAX 2k8 pass arrived today, and I think it does an excellent job explaining why I plan to go to every PAX I can, and why I'm basically a Tycho Fanboy. Allow me to quote the letter.

"Hail, friend, PAX approaches. Thank you very much for pre-registering.

In last year's show pre-registration letter, I said we would try to keep the number of wild jackals at the show as low as possible. We were unsuccessful: Indeed, there were more jackals than there were attendees. We moved quickly, making these feral dogs the center of the convention, with jackal-themed content they couldn't get anywhere else.

This year, we've spun that concept off into a convention exclusively for these snarling beasts. That means that PAX (cross your fingers!) will focus exclusively on things that are of interest to you. Unless, of course, you're a jackal. In that case, we'll see you at the other show."


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