Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm not (entirely) crazy

I experienced something today that I think will be unequaled for a long time. Only hours ago I had once again engaged in a bout of what I'm calling "Insane Midnight Blogging," the fact that it took place at 8:43 in the morning doesn't negate it because the act was still the same. I was writing something out on my blog that really should've stayed either in my head or gone onto my white board where my insanity can be kept in safe quarantine from the general public. Really IMB is same basic idea as drunk dialing except without the phone or the alcohol.

In either case, I had just dug deep into the crazy and written out my conspiracy theorist concerns about WaMu going down. This was among the many thoughts that were percolating in the back of my head while I was walking to class. The main stage of my mind was occupied by the pointless babble of being annoyed with the lingering effects of disease and thinking about the philosophical ramifications of being annoyed with diseases. It was in this distracted state that my auto-pilot systems performed my daily check of the mainstream paper headlines, and I am not exaggerating at all when I say that I performed a cartoon-esque double take. My body didn't get told to stop walking even though my head was staying right where it was. The headlines shouted to me in giant fonts.

WaMu Seized, Sold

Feds seize WaMu in nations largest bank failure

It's hard to explain how many things rushed through my head at that moment. Several of them were general alarms, a few of them were bitter regret that we had been on day too late, many called for reason and further investigation, but there was one triumphant call that seemed to rise to the top. It's one of the few times I could look at what the mainstream was saying, what people who I'm supposed to trust were telling me, and I could spit in their face and say:

I'm not crazy.


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