Friday, September 12, 2008


I've always been amused by the online personality tests. There's a huge number of them tuned to every sub culture you can imagine. I've been taking them again recently, and I've noticed something interesting.

I'm changing.

That's not news, I've known that for a while now, but it's interesting to see it reflected in various online tests. I'd say that it validates them, but this is the internet so it's all inherently invalid. I also loathe the thought of trying to make a case based on the idea that I now test as a Paladin rather then a Wizard.

The most direct change has been on TheSpark's personality test. I used to get mostly Mastermind [SIAT] but I've taken it a few times recently and I've been getting Experimenter[DIAT]. It's only a flip on one point, but I think it's accurate. On the much more official Myer's Brigg's tests I used to get, and I'm half guessing here because it's been a long time, INTJ, which, according to a relevant site, is called either The Scientist or The Mastermind. Taking it again recently I got ENTJ, The Field Marshall. It's also almost eerie how often one of these test will strike on some bit of insight. Take for example the last line of the ENTJ overview: "More than any other, this type seems to struggle between an inner drive toward creative spontaneity and the desire for order in the universe. "

In both of these things there's only been one change, but it's fundamental enough to be life altering. It's also interesting to note that for both of these tests, the official Myer's Brigg's and TheSparks knock off, I've always tested close to the line for Thinking/Feeling. The alternates, if you care, would be Dreamer instead of Mastermind, and Teacher instead of Field Marshall.

One other fun thing is that there are alternate names for these personality types. According to a different site my old one is best described as Conspiracy Theorist, and my new one would be described as Evil Overlord

ENTJ: The Evil Overlord

The ENTJ is best characterized by his charisma, his ability to grasp complex situations and to think flexibly and creatively, his keen and active intelligence, and his overwhelming desire to crush the world beneath his boot. ENTJs are naturally outgoing and love the company of other people, particulalry minions, henchmen, slaves, and the others they rule with ruthless efficiency.

ENTJs usually die at the hand of secret government agents in a fiery cataclysm that destroys their entire underground fortress. Often, Evil Overlords will have a secret clone whose implanted memories contain all the knowledge and ambition of the original, stored in cryonic suspension in a safe location. The clone will appear in a sequel.

RECREATION: ENTJs enjoy spending their leisure time in groups, seeking out the company of others with whom they can exchange strategies and ideas, and test their mind control rays. They also enjoy competitive games which challenge them intellectually, such as chess, go, and "tell me where the missiles are or I'll open the piranha cage and drop the girl

I will admit I was going to deny any accusation that I may be an Evil Overlord, but I have a vow about not lying any more, and I couldn't honestly say that I don't harbor a desire to crush the world beneath my iron heel.


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Why did'nt you mention Charles Montgomery Burns?

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