Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An offer you can't refuse

Given my financial situation I tend to get most of my meat frozen. I've gotten reliable thawing down, so this isn't really a problem, but when I get the chance to get a hold of a steak I tend to take it.

So, when a good looking rib eye showed up in Safeway's bargain bin I found myself faced with two opportunities. A. I have the opportunity to get a $20 steak for $7, and B. I have the opportunity to prove that I'm not stupid enough to buy discount raw meat.

I chose A.

Now, in my defense, I'm sure that if I'd eaten the steak immediately I would've been fine. If I'd taken it home that evening and prepared it well done everything would've been fine. The thing is I bought that steak on Friday. I prepared it yesterday, Tuesday, and I prepared it to my liking. This means that it was designed to be cooked just enough to let the finer aspects of the crusts and spices add to the savage joy of tearing another creatures flesh apart with your jaws.

So I can't really say I'm surprised that I got sick. I can say that I'm annoyed, and mildly relieved because it appears to have gone though without anything that bad having happened to me, and I got sick just before classes started not after.


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