Wednesday, September 03, 2008


-I need to stop turning thoughts that should be bullets on a misc post into full posts. It leads bad inconclusive writing.

-I saw my reflection today and was stunned for a moment. It seems that even I can't properly picture myself wearing a shirt that isn't black.

-Maybe it would be less of an issue if I'd eased into it with a blue or dark green. Red is a pretty big change.

-I was going to try and give a good bit of thought to statement that I might make by wearing my Tabula Rasa dog tags, but to be honest it would take forever to hash out the meeting of the two statements made by wearing dog tags as opposed to wearing something with a Tabula Rasa logo on it.

-I may have dodged the long pointless discussion about the statement they might make but I still haven't decided if I'm going to wear them or not.

-I might start playing Tabula Rasa again. I still have that poster, and how I also have dog tags and a lanyard, and it's not as though I didn't like the game, it just got too laggy...


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