Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Deviant Mind

About a week ago I pulled the screen off my window. The main reason I did this was to get a better breeze, and after a long internal discussion that mostly weighed the relative annoyances of putting the screen back vs finding a place to store the screen I've decided to leave it down.

So now I have a window that actually opens, and it's a seemingly endless source of bad but amusing ideas. I was already prone to looming over the street from my window when I was thinking about troubling things, without the screen in the way I'm free to genuinely loom over things.

There's also a bunch of power lines about four meters from my window, and no I'm not thinking of jumping to/from them, or putting things on them, or anything else that's more stupid than it is fun. The reason I brought them up was because birds rest on them, and it occurs to me that I could get a feeder and have birds rest of my windowsill.

I could eat those birds. Foolish trusting birds...

As creepy as that is, and I assure you I'm aware, there is one worse idea that keeps coming up. It's pretty common that there are miscellaneous U-district punks standing around outside doing things that are annoying loud at hours when I actually care. Every time I hear them I look at all the stuff on my window shelf and think about it. The bottles of water are one thing, but what's really bad is that there's a handful of firecrackers there whispering horrible nothings to the imp of the perverse.


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