Thursday, October 02, 2008

Live Blogging, VP Debate

It is now 6:09, I started listening to the VP debate at 6:01, I've already found myself shouting at the stream 3 times, and I haven't heard anything that can't be summarized as either "Go Blue Team" or "Go Red Team"

I do wonder why I've chosen to listen to this

<6:18> Basic associative speech patterns to cause a perceived association between family and the private sector. Fun.

<6:27> I think I've got this figured out. There's a basic pattern to this. Palin says something that amounts to "John McCain is a God amongst men," and Biden responds with something that amounts to "Screw You."

<6:48> God Damnit Palin say NUCLEAR.

<6:52> Oh I'm sure you're proud of what Rice did in Israel. He tiyalti le ha'Aretz le-CANDEL!!!

<7:23> I love when people accidentally say "leave" instead of "lead"

<7:37> I almost like Biden. He isn't taking the massive load of shit that's being thrown at him, and he's almost on topic.


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