Friday, September 26, 2008


-My Mother made an interesting point. If I got sick from eating bad meat, why did I get a severe cold and not food poisoning?

-Once again economics only affects those with a lot of money. Some other big bank is buying up WaMu, and I'm still FDIC insured for twenty times the amount I have, but I have to say I'm still feeling a pretty strong vindication here.

-My cold has been steadily climbing up my head. It started out as a bad throat thing, yesterday it was mostly sinus issues, and right now the only major problem I have left is getting my ears to equalize. I hope I'm wrong in thinking that tomorrow I'll wake to find my hair emitting a viscous ooze

-Blatant plug for Jonathan Coulton, flimsy pretext not included.

-I haven't been really intoxicated in a long time, but a bottle of theraflu packed a surprising punch. It did it's job, but while I was draining I found myself playing Rock Band to kill time. While I was playing a game that I had been playing in one form or another at least once a week for the past two years or so I was watching the notes go by, not entirely aware of the part of me that was playing them, and I thought with genuine yet very very mellow surprise "Wow, I'm really good at this." I'm glad I had that thought because it allowed me the critical safety net of knowing that I was tripping.

-My white board has lost a lot of it's power since my black, red, and blue markers have all gone dead. According to my now defunct color coding legend I leave up everything on my board is now either "Scholastic/Miscellaneous Commentary" or "Outside Commentary." The loss of a secondary representation for declarative/objective, supportive and skeptic voices really takes all the fun out of the process.

-It's also worth note that I've had "Buy more Whiteboard supplies" written on my second whiteboard (the one that isn't a giant sticker) for a while now, but according to my color codes thats "Outside-Commentary" which hardly has the power to put items on my to do list.


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