Friday, December 05, 2008

Video killed the Tabletop Game

As a D.M. (this is in the D&D capacity not in the other one) I've done a lot of what I call "concept encounters." These basically consist of ideas I've had that aren't within the normal purview of the games mechanics. It's interesting, and I think it adds to the game, but somehow the whole thing feels a little bit pretentious. A long encounter on one large map with a couple of trigger points on said map that allow the group to take brief rest, thereby separating the battle into two variably sized encounters is an interesting idea, and I think it will play out well, but it's not really one of those things I can take credit for. I was playing Left 4 Dead and I decided to apply the safe house formula, and when I look at a lot of my other ideas the same basic formula is in place.

It makes a great deal of intuitive sense, I learned what I know about game design from playing video games, so my D&D campaigns end up playing out a lot like a video game. I don't think it's necessarily bad, but it feels... hollow, in a way I can't quite properly express.


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