Tuesday, November 11, 2008


-I once sent a text message from my brothers cell phone. His has a feature that guesses at the word your typing while you type it, which really speeds up the process. I made a note of it as a good idea, but not one I really cared about. Now that the person I spend the most time communicating with via telephone is someone who can get texts and not calls in her apartment it seems much more important that I get this feature.

-Life was a lot easier when I was a depressed isolationist wreck. I'm really glad that I'm not any more, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of it.

-I understand normals a lot better then I used to. It worries me sometimes because I fear I may be slowly becoming one.

-My car may be with me for a while longer. It may also get sold as a soft top non convertible. The conundrum continues.

-I've gotten bored of WoW again, so I canceled my account and uninstalled it, but without an activity like that around I realize how central that kind of time sink was to a lot of my relaxation/time killing activities. It seems almost dumb to be watching hulu on a second monitor when I'm not doing anything on the first.

-I'm also departing from WoW because WOTLK hits Thursday and I need to be as far from that as possible for a number of reasons.

-This is my one thousandth blog posting. It seems like I should've done something more for such a milestone.


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