Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Niche Marketing

In general I don't spend a lot of money on clothing. Nearly everything I own can be divided into the category of "Jeans" or the category of "T-shirts," and until about a month ago I was fine with that.

Having a life immensely complicates things.

When I do go out to buy clothing I usually go to Rochester because I have a way of buying things from them without spending any money. The charges go to my mom, and it's how mooching off your parents works in the 21st century.

In theory this means that I should go there and get whatever I feel like getting and not worry about it, but in practice I shop there less and less because they're thieves. I understand that when you run a big and tall shop you mark things up. You have access to a niche market, it's basic capitalism. The problem is that I have access to the internet, and I know how markups are supposed to work, and they're not supposed to make a casual wear shirt cost more then two weeks worth of food. I admit that I'm not nearly as price conscious when it's not my money, but there's a line whereupon a purchase begins to feel morally wrong.


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