Monday, December 01, 2008

The Justifications of a Fanboy

There are times, rare perfect moments when I can look to something that I deeply enjoy and say "This is why I'm a fan." Another of those precious moments happened today. I am, as ever, far too much of a fan of Penny-Arcade, and Tycho in particular. This is from a recent newspost.

"Desert Bus For Hope is continuing to roll through the virtual badlands, and the $25,520 dollars raised (as of this writing) must certainly be some comfort to those in command of that cursed chariot. But this post isn't about comfort, this post is about anguish. This post is about Operation: Infinite Bus.

It is our objective to make these people drive until driving that Goddamned bus is the only life they can remember. We will match all donations to Desert Bus For Hope, starting now, until we reach a cap of ten thousand dollars. Please use this link, if you would - I don't want to leave their server a smoking crater. We can take this thing up around 45,000, if we want to - more than doubling last year's incredible sum. Think of it like a buff for your donations, an augmentation for your generosity. Also, think of it as creating a prison, a prison made of money, from which these young men may never escape."


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