Thursday, January 22, 2009


The lighting in my room has always been a little odd. This used to to because I clung to my darkness like your standard embittered youth, and even though I've left the darkness I'm still not a fan of normal indoor lighting. It's hollow and weak and I simply cannot tolerate something which is both of those.

My preferred means of lighting my room is sunlight, and during the summer this works great. In the winter, in Seattle, not so much. My solution to this for a long time was my sun lamp, which is a bit hollow, but also very intense. The sun lamp is still in regular use, but a month or so ago I got into the use of candles. My appreciation for them grew immensely once I began using scented candles, and before long I had new tapers for my old candle holders. The candles don't really give enough light to see by, but there's a warmth to the light that only genuine fire can give. This makes them weak, but not hollow, so they're in.

Now that candles are in I've begun sampling around different scents. Vanilla is still the default, but I have a few pomegranate ones that I like, but may be a bit much for some. I also have one that smells like cookies which I use primarily to infuriate my roommates by giving them false hope. In addition to those I acquired a layered candle which claims to have Garden Rain, day's End, and Indigo nights. None of those are actual scents, with the possible exception of Garden rain, but it smells like a nice soothing blend. The problem is that I'm still infected with quotes. I bought that candle a month ago and I'm just now lighting it for the first time because every time I look at it the same simpsons line pops into my head.

Homer: I've given up anger forever. Now I'm into candles, soft music, and horse tranquilizers.

I hear that quote and part of me worries. What if I really am on the slippery slope to soft music? Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go put "Please God No" on a loop and let The Darkest of the Hillside Tickets battle it out with Garden Rain.


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