Friday, August 21, 2009

This Brownie Will Kill You

So I needed to celebrate the end of finals, and celebration is best done with Desserts.

Normally foods range from bad to good. On a rare occasion one is rated as Great. Beyond this is the classification of "Orgasmic," which I normally view as being hyperbole. Whenever someone describes something other then sex as orgasmic my response is always that they need to have more creative sex. There is, however an exception to this. A friend of mine makes chocolate Mousse injected cupcakes. Because of the viewership of this blog I'm going to omit the details, but concise to say that this is the only food I've seen or eaten which I could call Orgasmic non-ironically.

That's not what I'm here to discuss. I'm here to discuss the next level. The point at which food becomes a hazard. I'm here to discuss dangerous foods. That's where we get to the thing I just made. It starts with a relatively simple fudge brownie. It's cut out in a circle, so that a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, whose underside has been coated with chocolate frosting can be put on top of the brownie. On top of the cookie you put a generous scoop of chocolate ice cream. Sprinkle the whole thing with chocolate sprinkles, and on top of that? A hostess ding dong.

Think about this for a few moments and I know you'll agree with me that this is the most appropriately named food ever. "This Brownie Will Kill You." Go ahead and doubt the power of it if you want, but Adam is currently laying on the rec room floor, inches from death, after eating all but the very end of the thing. If he'd finished it? Well.. he couldn't say I didn't warn him.


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