Friday, July 24, 2009

Cross Post

I was thinking a little less then "about 6 hours ago" that I'm glad certain people don't use twitter. I'm glad certain people don't read my blog, and I'm glad I have the division of [censored] and Facebook, and I realized that a year ago I didn't need any of that.

A year ago I had my blog, which started as a way of updating all of my relatives at once when I went to college, and eventually became an actual journal. It chronicled most of the interesting stories of my life, and it didn't matter that my parents could read it, because back then all of the stories I had to tell were... well they weren't tame, I didn't tone my my use of profanity as literary flourish, but none of it was really secret.

Over the last seven or eight months that started to change. My life began to shift as I emerged from my social larval form into the person that I am now (note that in this case larval form is a reference to the monster from Alien, not to any puny Terran creature.) So now I have a private life, and I have the brand new need to actually keep things private. It was around that time I picked up twitter as well, which satisfied my prideful need to broadcast my story to the internet, but twitter was limited to a select few people. Even as life became all the more complicated I had a division of information. A simple, unplanned system by which I could adjust my broadcasts, telling my secrets, and keeping them at once.

And as someone who has a need to tell his own story, I'm really glad I have such a simple way of dividing it.


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