Monday, July 27, 2009

Custom Language

I was writing what will probably be the next post when something occurred to me. A great many recent discussions require their own made up word. The gap between socio-cultural maturity and physical maturity gives rise to the word "Adultesence." Recent recession trends give rise to the "Staycation," and the sex positive movement doing something that isn't about LGBTQ issues gives us the word "Sexploration."

It's an odd phenomenon, one that interests me but I'm having trouble finding the point of this interest. I like it, because I believe fully that there are no actual synonyms. Every word has it's own meaning. Because of this new concepts, like the ones above, require new words.

That's a nice thought, but when I think about why this is actually happening, I'm pretty sure it's because it allows them to market the idea. It also allows the news to have a singular way of spreading the idea that this idea is spreading. It's a shame, but it's part of a new way of thinking I'm passively advocating. The basic principle of this way of thinking is that the naturalistic system that runs society is capitalism, not democracy or morality, etc. This belief that the works of currency and ownership define a society much more then its government is something I call "Econocentricisim." Go ahead and start using that word. If you all do enough it'll become a real word, like the entirety of the Brocabulary.


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