Sunday, April 18, 2010

Digital Detox

It's interesting to think that I only have four hours to write this. That's more then enough time, it's just interesting to think that in four hours I'll be observing a fast that will make me unable to write this. It's a fast taken from screens. It's Digital Detox Week.

I've been thinking about this for a while now, but the moment I really decided I had to do it was less then an hour ago. I was thinking about digital detox as I was half watching a TV episode on my left monitor and playing a facebook game on my right monitor, and I was thinking to myself that I didn't want to do it, which is when I realized how much I needed to. I don't want to do digital detox week because of all the stupid little games I'm going to miss out on. Not even the good games that the X-box which sits only a few meters from my computer can play, but the stupid inane facebook games. That's what I'm worried about? That alone was proof to me that I needed to do this.

There is one other thought I had though, the one that got me thinking about this. How many of the things you see and hear on a daily basis are actually there? Every face you see on a TV screen isn't actually there. The things they're saying aren't really being said. Think about how much the actions of those people influence you, how much of your life is about what they say and do. I'm doing digital detox for a handful of reasons, but the core reason for this, to me, is to get back to reality. To live, if just for a week, in a world which actually exists. I know me, I'll probably go back to the grand dream of digital existence when this is all done, but for just a little while I think I owe it to myself to wake up.


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