Sunday, April 18, 2010

Digital Detox Rules

The exact rules for digital detox week very from person to person, but here are mine.
  • My desktop computer, known as Goliath, is going to be off for the duration, unless being used by a roommate, probably Kevin.
  • My laptop computer, known as Sweetest Taboo (long story, don't ask), is going to be off and packed away for the duration.
  • I will not be going to any social networking sites .
  • I will not be playing any video games.
  • I will not be reading any web comics.
  • I will not be watching any movies.
  • I don't own a TV, but if it comes up somehow I'm not going to actively watch TV.
The interesting thing about this is that I'll still be able to do all of the productive social things that I do electronically. I'll still have e-mail, because of my smartphone. These rules don't forbid me from texting or calling, so those are still fine as well. Lets see how this goes.


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