Friday, October 08, 2010


The following post is entirely about tabletop role playing games, particularly my World of Darkness games. I mention that so that those of you who don't care can just ignore this one.

I've found over time that if I'm not actively working on writing a story, or setting up another session of a given game then the back of my mind will continue working on things without me even being fully aware of it. Recently the ideas I've been getting have all be piggybacking off of my last game. It had a good ending, albeit rather abrupt, and the more I think about it the more I see room for a sequel.

The sequel idea is a new one to me. It also interacts with a previous part of my creative process in an odd way. I've found that I can't get a story properly formed until I have the title. Once that's in place it all begins to crystallize around that point, and expand from there. It also helps keep me focused on the theme. This means that I have, here and there amongst my more productive notes, sheets labeled BBBB2:SRR, which is the quickest way to write the full name of the game I'm designing, Block by Bloody Block 2: Streets Run Red.

In case the title didn't make it flagrantly obvious this is going be a high violence game.

I don't have all that much written in terms of what will actually happen in the game. Since I don't have anything along the lines of concrete plans to play the game this isn't a big deal. What I am going to be writing though is the cut-scenes that will form the prologue to it. The ideas keep bouncing around in my head and I've decided I need to get them down in some solid way.


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