Monday, June 20, 2016


I think Monday is harder because the routine doesn't have momentum.  For a day, maybe just a morning, you get to see everything clearly again.  It breaks my heart to say goodbye to my wife knowing that our jobs will keep us from seeing each other for days.  Tomorrow it will be the same shit on a different day.  Today it hurts.

This is the heartbreak that society runs on.  Every Monday I hear the latest tragedy, the latest failure of our leaders, and I pass by the ever growing number of homeless people huddling against the elements.  It's normal.  We're all used to walking past the sick beggar without making eye contact right?  We get used to not thinking about it, used to denial, because we couldn't live with the reality if we had to look at it.

I work with the kind of people society denies, and I keep a very firm division between my work and my life.  Tomorrow it will be routine and I will be unphased by the horror.  Yesterday it was outside of my world and I genuinely didn't care.  But today is hard.  Because today I have to make the choice to look, to see the pain and heartbreak that exists around us all, and choose to wade into it and push back.  I don't want to, I never want to, but it is a calling not a choice, and it is the only thing that keeps me from being one more among the suffering masses that other people don't think about, the people I work with.


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