Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thusly PWND

I'm still recovering from the madness that is ytmnd, It's all of the crazy shit that makes up the internet supercharged. Take it all then pump it up light it on fire and inject it directly into your brain.

The thing I'm enjoying the most though is the PTKFGS. For those of you who don't recall PTKFGS is the parallel universe to YTMND. It's neat to see these variations which have the same basic pinciple, I think it helps me in my quest to show people that these things are devoid of any real value.

I'd like to take a break not to talk to you about owls. I like owls. I like birds in general. One of my favorite pictures of owls is based around a cheap back and forth which is the "O RLY? YA RLY! NO WAI!!!" thing. It's worth note that the first time I saw it was a back and forth between the first two owls, but the third one which is normally shocked and says "NO WAI!" was replaced by an intellectual owl who said "Fascinating" I liked that better. Nonetheless they've done some pretty clever things with the current setup, and some of them at least have managed to keep things classy.

I'd like to take a third break (I took a stealth break while you weren't looking) and talk about cats. Cat faces really. Cat's can make some of the craziest faces. And it makes for hi-larious pictures. And I'm glad to see that they've meshed that to create something which I consider genius satire.

Scratch that. Genius satire first requires semi-intelligent base material. This is as far above the base as the satire can get, making it moderately intelligent satire.

Now that I've indulged that I'd like to get big picture on you. I've said time and time again that the rate of societal change is changing. It's getting faster. As our ability to spread information gets faster we gain the ability to have a worldwide phenomena occur over the course of a day, cheap snippits that appeal to the widest market suddenly have an audience of ten million a week after they were created. Celebrity status is achievable nearly instantly through stupidity and luck.

This has done great and terrible things for the abomination that is the fad. I'm a native denizen of the internet. Being one of the multitude of self agrandizing heavily embittered whinny pseudo-Goth people who isn't satisfied with reality I spend a lot of my time in alternate realities, essentially all of which are realized through the internet in one way or another. I've seen fads wash over my homeland. I would oppose them but I think it's the only thing holding us together, but I feel that we've made the mistake of carrying them with us after we leave our little playground. When you have some fun on the internet with stupid stuff like this yeah, sure, that's fine, but If you allow them to have some significant effect on you you're setting yourself up for a fall, because the Fads are getting faster. Every week there's some new flash animation made by some douche in his parents basement that everyone is posting about. People then hop onto their forums and get emotionally invovled in this. The emotional damage doesn't go away when the person logs off, and it builds up over time. I know people who would collapse if they suddenly realized the impermanence of their online achievements. People who have as the basis of their self esteem the respect of their forum peers. Now that things are moving faster they're doomed to fail. The only ones who rise to success are those who have gone far beyond addiction, and have reached a state of emotional symbiosis with the online world of their choice, bet it game or forum based. The elite grows smaller and smaller but those who are emotionally dependent on it do not. What's going to happen to these people? They can't last like this.

Allow me to say this in my peoples native language.

Society has set them up the bomb, and they aren't prepared to emotionally move zig.

Don't worry if you didn't understand that.

Wow, you know my original intent of this post was to be a meditation on my affinity for satire, and a theorization that I draw more joy from the mockery/parody of things then from the actual things. I'm not sure how I got into this manifesto on societal advancement speed running over humanities emotional frailties, but I guess it's an equally valid topic of discussion.

I'm going to go to sleep now.


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