Sunday, June 11, 2006

Listen +2

One of the things that I would list in my vast array of "Paranoia based Skills" is an accute sense of hearing. This means that it's fairly routine for someone to mutter under their breath without realizing that my team of spies is under there too. So when I was told that I was going to be paying $180 in oversized and overweight baggage fees, and then I paid it without too much questioning (If I spent a lot of time negotiating this I would've missed my plane) the worker who I was negotiating with whispered to himself "You are a rich Kid"

I didn't say it, but the part of my brain responsible for bitter contemptuous thoughts fired into action

No, I'm a kid who understands the principles of time management, and knows that every now and then life plays a little game called "Up yours Max" and who has the foresight and the cycnicism to keep a $500 trump card on him.

I then spent the rest of my flight sleeping. It turns out that you can in fact go to sleep angry. Just thought you all should know.


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