Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Fallen God

For months now, the guild Relic in the game World of Warcraft has been trying to take down a beast known as Ragnaros. Hah! Beast, that description fails it so utterly. Understand that this is literally the most powerfull single enemy in the game. This isn't some pushover.

This is

It's This
For refrence, if you measure the width of one of his bracers, the height of my character is roughly 3/4 of that. If you know the backstory like I do you'll understand that Rag is literally a primordial being composed of Evil and Fire that knows only contempt for the mortal world. If you don't know the story then you should know that he has over Two Million hit points (the highest amount of HP ever achived by a player is just shy of 12,000) A single hit from his hammer, which he can throw and instantly retrieve, deals 6,000 fire damage, he can send everything around him flying literally 100 feet back, he sends off blast waves of fire every 10 seconds and he can summon a potentially infinite army of smaller fire elementals. He's not just some badass elemental. He's the GOD OF FIRE.

And He Has Fallen.

If you look closely at the picture you can see a small white spot in front of his hammer, which was all that remained. That white spot is the glow from my magic ice sword, I was one of the 24 of us who lay dead at the end of the fight. There were actually over 30 deaths during the fight, but you don't challenge the God of Fire without having a trick or two up your sleeve. It took forty of us using a cleverly devised plan which we had rehersed, and it required that we all dig into our collective pool of trickery. Fire resistance potions which we would normally sell for a fortune were thrown around like water, every last trick and trap and resource that could be brought out was brought out. Behold the Champions in Victory.
For those of you who've never seen the game but have been listening to my rantings for all this time (Why would anyone do that?) I've included a marked version showing you where the characters you've come to know are in th picture

Glory To Stormwind, Glory To The Alliance, And most importantly of all
We Smoked that Bitch!


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