Monday, June 12, 2006

Political Power

Dear President Bush

Your administration has pioneered the idea of “The power of Prayer” in politics, and as a mystic and a man of faith I support that. I think that it’s high time we stopped resorting to simple material actions in our quest for political power, and began calling in divine aid, amongst other forms of supernatural assistance.

That is why I propose to you today the use of another source of supernatural political power that was once widely used, but in recent years seems to have been forgotten. I speak of course, of the power of Grayskull. The power of Grayskull goes back generations, but only recently was it used for political gain, and I can assure you Mr. President the results of this use were tremendous. A simple Prince, Prince Adam, utilized the power of Grayskull, and he soon soared through the ranks; climbing all the way to the coveted position of “Master of The Universe.” Imagine, Mr. President, what you or your second in command Darth Cheney, Dark Lord of the Sith, could do with this kind of power. Not only could the democrats no longer oppose you, but you would finally be free of the staunch partisan attitudes of Beast man, Two-Bad, and the famed liberal commentary of Skeletor.

Yours in Christ

-Max Willson


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