Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For The Horde

I'm on an exercise routine again. I'm undecided on my exact position on being fat, but I don't enjoy being as far out of shape as I am. I've also passed a level of fatness that makes it hard to buy clothing. It seems that I've reached a point where I'm too lazy to be this fat. I think the key indicator was when I realized that Me sitting in my giant chair watching Sealab DVDs is the world greatest unintentional Jabba The Hutt Impersonation.

Ho, Ho, Ho, Mar-Co. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Anyway, I'm on a system that starts with stretching, then DDR to warm up then some weights, then cooldown with swimming.

Speaking of DDR, this is the first of many tangents, I did something today that I felt I should be laughed at for. Those of you who've heard me discuss the game may have heard me refer to it as "The Revolution." I've used the phrase "I only dance as part of the revolution" as major social events.

I'm going to pause here to let you shout NEEERRRD!

Anyway, I've generally enjoyed likening DDR to actual political revolution. This is why I love the Robot Chicken sketch where a Cuban kid plays Dance Dance Revolucion against Castro's Dance Dance Counter-Revolucion. This sketch, along with my sense of whimsy lead me to shout "I Do This! For My Cuban People!" before playing the game.

Back on task. I'm doing more weight lifting stuff now and I find that it's filled me with a familiar but all to long forgotten bloody energy. A sort of Berserker energy. I'm not going berserk, but this is warrior impulse firing in my blood and returning to me my superhuman strength. With this energy comes the berserker impulse. The five thousand year old male impulses that I usually look upon with so much disdain. I've forgotten how much fun they are though. It's a great feeling to thrust the iron skywards and scream at the world of opposing you.

Unfortunately my nerd traits carry over to this, because when I scream at the world I tend to scream things like "LOKTAR!, or "THROM KA ZAGAT AKT NAGA!" For those of you who didn't play as much Warcraft III as I did, those are Orcish battle cries.

Only a nerd would describe a connection to the male warrior impulse as getting to know your inner Orc.

For the Horde.

This would actually work a lot better if I regularly played as the horde in WoW. What would the alliance shout? Ah Yes.

LEEROY!!!!!!! JENKINS!!!!!!!


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