Friday, June 09, 2006

Dance Dance Revolution (Azeroth Remix)

So WoW. First of all, I relapsed again. I'm not sure if that's even the right term, it may be more appropriate to call this "My Triumphant return to World of Warcraft."

Now that I've gotten the real news out of the way, here's something meaningless.

The dances for the two new races are being revealed. Remember, Draeni on Alliance, Blood elves on Horde. I really can't decide which I like better, I know both their back stories, and I love both races. It turns out the dance thing won't make my deicision either, because the dances are based on my two favorite dance scenes. For draeni it's the music video that introduced me to indian music.

The Video
The Draeni Dance

The blood elves take there's from a more well known dance scene. See for yourself.

Actually, scratch that. I won't get into the whole blood elf backstory (which is hard because it's awsome) but I have to side with them. One reason too. They're Mana Addicts. That idea was the first point that eventually became the mobius character. I love the idea of having the power, but the tragic irony of the power controlling you. It's delicious.

Opening day, when Burning legion launches, I'm rolling a Blood Elf named PatronSaint. I'm calling it now.


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