Sunday, June 04, 2006


So I caved in. I re-acquired wow, played it for 2 days, and re-deleted it. It was a short relapse, but it happened nonetheless. I'm not proud of it, but I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. It was really fun to see my old friends again. Jordan, Angie, Mike, and Frag are still around, they got me into their new guild which will have a lot to explain when there newest member is really active for two days then leaves. The whole experience leaves me a bit disturbed though. When I look at it I'm mildly ashamed that I did it, but I can't deny the fact that I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it much though. I know, from personal experience, that if you get into the game there will come a point where you'll have to choose between studying, or getting enough sleep to work effectively, and going on a raid. And you'll go on the raid. I've done it, I've seen friends do it. Hell I've had moments where I said "it is way too late I'm logging off" but Jordan who was 2 hours ahead of me (time zones) kept going. It's fun, but it's destructive fun.

I just realized that this rant is circular. I only really have one point to make and I've already made it. It's weird, that rant has a lot more steam behind it, but it's all out of point.

One Point I do still have is Fukawi. Fukawi is a thing that Relic (my new guild) does which I consider genius. Any time anyone does or says something stupid, you take a screen shot of it, and post it on the relic forum. The Relic-ites all share my own sense of thick skinned humor so we all thoroughly enjoy it.

It's actually a shame, I'm going to miss relic. Damnit Max RESOLVE. Sorry, I may not have mastered this relapse as well as I thought. It's deleted though and the only way for me to get it back would be to DC++ it again, which I won't be able too soon because the network is going down for the summer. I have enough fear to stave off tomorrow, and Monday it goes down so I'm set.

Anyway, Fukawi. I have one which I'm going to submit. This is at Jordan's expense. He makes the mistake of playing drunk, which is funny, and is regarded by all as a laugh riot. Jordan can also drink without being consumed by it, long story, blog post, coming soon. Anyway, I just had the following conversation with Jordan, who is in this post known as Sarbin, his character name.

(Editors note: This seems less funny looking at it now, your call, but if for no other reason this is another piece of my memory book.)
(Editors Note: The Screenshot is too small to read, I'm just going to transcribe it, the coloration is the same color used for /tells in WoW.)

[Sarbin] whispers: I'm really horny... that dosn't make us all geniouses now does it???
To [Sarbin]: No, no it dosn't
[Sarbin] whispers: I win.
To [Sarbin]: You can't.... Jordan you make my brain sad.


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