Monday, June 05, 2006

That'll show me

So my sleep cycle has gone off at a crazy slant, and it all started with a 2 a.m. UD Strat run as part of my relapse, and let me make it clear that I have no regrets about that. It was one of the greatest runs ever, it was me, Frag, Angie, Drea (new guy but cool) and Thorvin (same). You've got to understand that Frag and I are the Burt and Ernie of World of Warcraft. Somehow when you get me and Frag around without Jodan we both immediately revert to being 12 year old boys doing our playground fun quarrel routine.

"You should tank with a shield!"
"You should get your shanker out!"
"You should go to hell!"
"You should go to hell infinity!"
"You should go to hell infinity +1!"

And then Angie immediately assumes the role of the Matron keeping the two of us moving forward and generally heaping scorn. I do my fair share of scorn too because Frag is one of the people who's smart but isn't well read, so he has a limited vocabulary. I've got a history of using my expansive vocabulary and verbose dialect. I orate as a paragon of etymology, and I declare this free of provarication. This leads to situations where I'll say something like "Don't worry, My diverse eldritch machinations are already at work" to which frag replies "What?" and I in turn say "I'm sorry, In Frag-speak that would be 'I'm gonna pull some shit with magic." Then I utterly fail and he countermocks, It's a great system, and a great time for all.

I just got way off topic. I'm having post replapse recovery withdrawal. Anyway my sleep schedule is way off, but I stopped fighting it. I accepted the slide, and tempered it, so that I wake up at around 3 a.m. and fall asleep at around 5 p.m. This means that I've got a full day of studying before my 1:30 physics final. Genius. This is also why I'm writing a blog post at 3:51 the night before a physics final.

Remember that I define night as being the time after sunset before sunrise, so a.m. is also night.

I'm mostly writing this because I'm bored and I need to blow off steam, getting up and studying for an hour (ish) isn't a good way to start a day. I did anyway until about 20 minutes ago when I found out Penny-Arcade had a new podcast out. It's hilarious. I'd be doing the insane cackling my mother is so familiar with if it weren't for the quiet hour rules, instead I'm restraining the vocal energy release and expressing it as body convulsions. That's not the point, the point is it's funny.

What else... Oh, I realized packing wasn't such a big issue once I threw out all of my trash. It's amazing how much of that stuff I had piled up. I've also finalized my deal with Kevin to store the items that I don't have any conceivable use for in Houston. That list grows as I go through my undocking procedures, but I don't think it'll get too big. One big thing that helped was remember that my plates and bowls had been borrowed (stolen) from 1101, so I wouldn't get to keep those. Also remembering that the pot and the microwave are Conrad's

Speaking of Conrad. On Tuesday he said to me "I'm going to California 'till Sunday, See you" and left. It's now technically Monday, and he's not back. I hope he's okay. I also hope he doesn't have any finals later today.

I'm going to go back to studying then packing, then studying, then BF2, then studying etc. Seeyas.

Hey did you know that Blogger spell check wants to change the word Jordan to Goddamn. Blogger spellcheck really does suck.


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