Monday, July 24, 2006


I wish I hadn't already allocated the term "Jenga" to the middle east's collapse. I chose that term because I knew this was going to happen, and because it's the best term to show that what's going on is simply the crossing of a threshold and the breaking of tensions that have been building for years.

There's another situation closer to home that deals with very similar conditions. I recently moved global warming based chaos to the top of my list of things likely to destroy the world. Unfortunatly it's not a single cause, so I can't say that doomsday is coming because of X. But the first signs of the impending doom are making themselves shown. It gets hotter, power consumption goes up. Weather intensity rises, Energy costs rise which inhibts the relief effort that will be the inevitable result of said high intensity weather. Piece by peice the system we've built to house and protect our society will come crashing down. My origonal prediction for a point at which we will have clearly crashed was 2021, in accordance with the big scary number theory, but I'm inclined to propose 2010, which is much sooner, and still in line with the theory.

This is of course assuming we all survive that long. The next scheduled apocalypse is coming quite soon. August 18th in fact. People don't give it enough credit. It may not have a giant fireball, it may not have a prophecy, and it may not have the final battle between good and evil, but it will have

Snakes! On a Plane


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