Wednesday, July 12, 2006


First of all, if you haven't heard.

You may recall me ranting about the faulted nature of the gaza pullout. The reason I thought it was a bad idea is because every the last time Israel pulled out of territory that it considered part of Israel it strengthened the militant underground. The message it sends isn't the intended "We're willing to make diplomatic concessions in order to end the violence." Instead the message the resistance movements get is "Israel is retreating, They're weakening, Now is the time to strike." It happened with the 82 Lebanon pullout, and it's happening now.

The stakes will rise on both sides. The retaliatory measures taken by Israel will continue to be spun as atrocities, the provocations will continue to be downplayed.

Those of you who quuestion that probably haven't seen the Qassam garden kept by the northernmost Kibbutz in Israel. There are dozens, and while the attacks havn't been effective in terms of fatalities just try to remember which group of civilians is launching rockets at the other before you say anything. And make no mistake. The reason for the low body count due to trans border rockets isn't due to any kind of nobility, it's not a matter of reducing civilian casualties on hezbolah's part, it's a matter of aim.

So I'll watch from the comfort of the first world as more and more violence unfolds, War will be declared again, and if history is any indicator Israel will win. Then this whole damn process will start over. That's not even what concerns me most, what worries me is what happens if Israel loses. No because I side with them, but because I've felt the spirit of that country, and the measures that would have to be taken to defeat them are cataclysmic on a level not yet witnessed in human warfare.


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