Sunday, July 30, 2006

SOAP explenation

I've made a lot of joke recently about Snake on a Plane ending the world and I feel I should tell you where this whole thing got started. It was origionally a conversation between either Drea or Satomi and I, one of my transgamer druid friends.

Transgamer: Someone who plays a character whose gender is diffrent from their IRL gender in an MMORPG.

Anyway, I said that (insert flashback wavy screen sequence here)

Slyz: I'm really excited for Snaked on a Plane
Satomi: That movie is going to suck
Slyz: Really? I think it's going to be good
Satomi: It'll be terrible
Slyz: I think it'll be great
Maryangelica: Oh No, here we go again
Satomi: It's going to be just awfull
Slyz: I think it'll be so good it will end human society. After people see it they'll lay down in the streets and die because they'll know their purpose on this earth has been completed.
Satomi: No, they'll kill themselves because of how bad it's going to be.
Slyz: No, this movie is going to be so good it will end the very world itself. Christ himself will descend on cloud of holy fire to see this movie.

Etc. etc. etc.

That's how the whole mess got started. In either case I intend to go see it, if possible as a midnight showing. I also supremelly hope that they add a scene which is a deleted scene which mocks what is normally the end scene. One in which Samual L. Jackson confronts the main villain, and he stands up to reveal himself as Cobra Commander, then as he dies he jumps up and yells


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