Thursday, August 24, 2006



The last few days have been days of immense finality. I know that I will return, I know that I will see these people again but the span of time that lies between the present and that distant reunion makes it seem as though that horizon will never be reached. I met with friends. We had already told our stories, but there are the simple pleasures of being in the company of those one holds dear. They may not be productive and they rarely make sense to the outside observer but they amuse, and they cement the bond. It is good to have these people, and these bonds.

As I finished my farewells to my friends and associates I began to say my farewell to the less obvious facets of my current place in life. I took my iPod and my keys and one last time I drank the intoxicating cocktail of the illegal and the reckless. I donned my disposable clothing and spent one last afternoon in the sun, shielded by the water, swimming lazily and mocking the daystar whose attacks were futile. One last time I slipped from this world into that of Azeroth, and said my goodbyes to my viridian comrades who I would not see for some time.

And now I’m here. One last night spent in my darkened lair. While the method by which I come to this state may very, time and time again I find myself alone in the dark of my room. Sleep has eluded me and I am somehow unbound by material constraints which seem to fade into the shadows that surround me. I am freed in this state, my mind is alight and my artistic quintessence flow more readily. The madness blossoms into something beautiful and creative. Something which can spontaneously conjure the phrase “artistic quintessence.”

The dawn draws closer with each keystroke, and I know that there is much do to on that brightening horizon. Each of these endings is the merely the phoenix’s conflagration of a new beginning, and I do not regret the choices I have made, but sometimes I wish I could hold on to these moments for just a little longer. That I could have one more brief escape into yesterday, without the tribulations of today or the looming menace of tomorrow.


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