Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Deja Vu

Before I can come out and say this I need to explain some of the finer details of my moral code, and I do live by a moral code.

I’m sure by now you’re aware of my vow of pacifism. It keeps me bound by a strict if somewhat vague rule that I may only resort to violence in self defense or defense of the innocent. I say it’s vague because the case could be made that someone with a cold who’s coughing near me is an active threat. I was never captain healthy, I could die of that cold.

I also have a belief that nobody is truly innocent. This is why I tend to mutter “damn comparatively innocent bystanders” whenever my “Anything that moves” mentality causes me to peg an innocent in time crisis or one of its family of gamers. On the surface this seems like a very harsh belief, and it is, but above all else this is a way for me to forgive the vast and numerous flaws of the world. Sidharta Buddha said that human ignorance was boundless, and it is from that which we learn that the compassion and the patience of the enlightened must also be.

So why does this matter? Be cause I’m about to make a very controversial definition of innocent.

Before I do I have to bring you into another philosophical quandary. Many of the great masters have preached the idea of material abandonment. In general I agree. A mind who sees on material goods and treasures turns a blind eye to the light. The point of which my views differ comes when the matter of the body arises. Many would say you must abandon your body, it is a material thing and you must seek to transcend all material things, but I believe that ignoring your body is a mistake. Your body is how you experience the world, it is your anchor to the earth from which you were made, it is the vessel for your self and this anchorage is not without value. Because of this I don’t think ill of bodily matters or bodily pursuits. The same beauty I see in the natural world I see in the natural aspects of human existence, even the fleshly and bodily ones. My moral code has no stigma on sexuality, hedero or homo, as long as consent it maintained. So being a rake or a seductress is fine as you’re not a rapist.

This all leads me to the point of this over extrapolated philosophy lecture. There’s a good chance I’ll be getting a job as a strip club doorman. From my conversations with the manager this consists mostly of keeping the dancers safe, or in my own melodramatic rephrasing, Defense of the Innocent. There are a few more aspects of it, but the guardian defender role is what I’ll be doing the most. It’s essentially just standing around and being menacing, which in melodramatic respeak becomes Totem of warding.

You could question why I took it, but it comes down to one very simple answer. Life experience. This is a job that’ll keep things interesting.


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