Friday, September 01, 2006

PAX Starstruck

I arrived at PAX full of spirit and vim, and something shiny that I couldn’t properly identify, but what I think was zeal. I stalked the vast landscape seeking out the elusive prey of experience. I saw many wonders but I stumbled across one that I was not prepared for.


I’ve felt many things in my life but this was the first time I’d felt legitimately starstruck. It’s bizarre, My impulse to flee in terror met my drive to pounce in a fanatical fury and they cancelled perfectly leaving me completely unable to do anything. After a few moments of fanboy paralysis I approached him, shook his hand, which truly was an honor, and got him to sign the back of my PAX badge. I could make some cliché about not washing that hand, but I’ve taken at least five showers since then so it would ring false.

Also, when I met Gabe on Saturday I wasn’t struck at all. I think it’s clear to whom I pay my true allegiance.


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