Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PAX: Goth

There are lots of Goth chicks here at PAX. Not just people who are wearing enough to tag them as being part of the Goth subculture, but women in full Goth costuming. Complete with the dyed hair, the “Evil Schoolgirl” motif and the complex assortment of cut of T-shirts, lacy undershirts, black skirts and fishnets. I like the look but I’m struck by the lack of Goth Guys. I haven’t seen any of the over pale, short dark spike hair, sleeveless shirt with pale slightly too thin arms drooping out, metal spiked wristband, shiny chain wallet black cargo jeans people here. I’ve always like the Goth look, and Goth music, it’s just Goth philosophy and more often then not Goth people who bug me. I have the overwhelming urge to take a nerf bat the whole lot of them.

”Cheer up Fucker!” BAM. I think it’d be good for the nation as a whole. But if I’m doing the Goths I’d have to do the Emo people who need it even more.

The reason I started noticing the Goth girls was because of my belief that I would get a picture of everyone who was in costume. I couldn’t decide if they counted. Is that a costume, or is it a look. I mulled this over and decided sometime late in day three that it was a look but I should get a picture anyway because it would make a cool picture and I really like the outfit. I have a weird double standard of not caring much about how I look or about male fashions but I enjoy playing around with female fashion to no end. This is also why I was the one who wasn’t bored when Hannah would drag Shlomo and I off to go look at clothes. I was still a bit of an inhibitant because of my opinions on the price of clothes, but I think you get that with most males anyway. Doubly true if the male has been tricked into buying the clothes which I luckily was not.

Anyway the whole thing was for not because by the time I decided that there were indeed photo-worthy the convention was nearly over and I didn’t see any more. A shame really, they had impressive outfits.


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