Wednesday, September 06, 2006

PAX: Trailers

We gather before the keynote speech, it promises untold delights for the unwashed huns that are the gamer masses. The screens have been set up to run a series of trailers, and we stare in rapt fascination at the games yet released. I’m along with the rest of them in this adgenda but I can’t help but think that we’re paying to watch what is essentially a commercial. They’re cinematic enough that they provide legitimate entertainment, and to those concerned, and we are concerned, the trailers provide useful information. But the thought that we’re playing into someone’s grand machinations cannot be silenced.

Actually that’s not entirely true. That thought was silenced pretty fast when I began to think about the fact that people will cheer when the trailer voice announces:

”Rated T. for Teen”

There’s a lot that could be said about that. The easiest thing to say by far is that these are immature people who are looking for massive violence and vague sexuality to get their proverbial jollies, but you could also take the unrealistically optimistic view and say they’re cheering for the age of games aimed at the age group that are actually gamers nowadays.

Yeah, I know that’s way too optimistic, but it’s fun to pretend.


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