Friday, September 22, 2006


This was supposed to be a post celebraing the fact that I got a job a Quiznos and that life was now clear and focused. But literally while I was logging in to blogger I got a phone call from one of the other places I had applied.

'Hi this is Sandy with Nintendo of America..."

I've got the Quiznos job. That's mine. It would be 9-5 M-F at the Quizno's by the Bellevue Transit Center, and it would pay 10/hr. It's profoundly safe, and stable, and fits the role of "Something that will finance project Exodus." But now a much much more interesting job has been dropped on my head, and the head wound of opportunity has removed the glory of clarity.

I'm back in the same Damn boat. Drowning in a sea of opportunity.

Okay lets think about this. For one thing I definitely have a job. Because I don't start until after next week I can definitely find out if I have the gametester position by then. If I don't, then I shrug walk away and go make sandwiches for the next nine months. If I do I have to throw a brick in the face of Mike who was really friendly, and essentially gave me the job as soon as I walked in.

Probably anyway, the gametested job is much more interesting, but here's the catch. It's a full time job, but project by project. They need me available, but they aren't promising me anything. The doomsday scenario where a month goes by and I'm eating only Raman and hoarding all of my remaining money in order to pay the next months rent and stay one step above homeless will probably never happen. But it might. Damnit this is confusing, after nearly a month of job searching I find one that falls into my hands, and now something better is knocking at my door.

You know none of this would've been a problem if Deja Vu had hired me.

The other thing about the Nintendo job is that it could be my foot into the industry. The two college paths tied for the lead at the moment are CS degree and an attempt at getting into the game industry, and if that attempt fails selling out to M$ long enough to get a degree in game design. Or Psych Doctorate, with the intent of becoming a psychotherapist, and making a stab at joining the NSA underground weapons labs that are working on chemical mind control.

As you can see I don't have anything "normal' in mind, but remember that these goals are #2 after Destroy The Sun.

Gahhh, well I'll let you know which one I go with, but at least you can take heart in knowing that I do, in fact, have a job.


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