Sunday, April 29, 2007


I was done at 1:40 tonight. I am on fire. I was actually done early enough to see some half decent TV, followed some 1/4 decent TV, and then an infomercial designed to mock my desire for a tempurapedic bed but inability to afford one on my slacker semi-employed salary.

Psychobilly Freakout is not a limit break.

I was doing the tiny amount of yoga I remember from the minor amount of yoga I once knew during the downtime I had with the laundry. It felt good. I'm going to try to get video clips of Tai-Chi katas and see if I can do those, if all goes well I may have turned this 20 hours of the week into my job, my exercise, and my key writing period.

Blogging to myself would work a lot better if I read my own blog.
(shortly thereafter)
I really should start proofreading my blog. I finally got those reminders to myself, but I also got a taste of my own slackery. Spell check does not suffice.


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