Saturday, April 28, 2007


This is an idea I had a few weeks ago, I'm not so certain how well it would work out in real life but even if it wasn't plausible IRL it'd make the basis for a really interesting novel.

The basic idea is that you're a for profit rescue and humanitarian aid organization. You get a team and you set up a relief center, and you preform med-evac and air lifts in an old Russian transport helicopter. Everyone has a video camera mounted to them at all times, and both crews have one person whose a trained photographer with a good HD camera. Optionally one of the crew, a medic or something, will just double as the photographer. The team performs acts of dashing heroism, gets the entire experience on film, and writes interesting and high human interest stories about their actual experiences. Then all of that is for sale.

The only people who are getting anything free are those being rescued, use of any of your footage or stories or pictures costs whichever organization wants to use them a certain amount. You would probably have a small production team as well that would make DVD's and posters etc. for sale to the mass market. It's taking advantage of the fact that working as an independent humanitarian intervention group also causes you to churn out tales of heroism and human drama as an inevitable side effect.

I'm not certain if you could pull it off in real life, but either way it's a fun story.


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