Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quotes Archive

Once again my quotes page on Facebook has grown too massive, I'm starting it over again, and as before I record what I have now so that I may enjoy it at some later date.

Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week"
-SubversiveJustin from EvAv

"This one was Banned from Music Television. Because you can see my Junk, through my jumpsuit."
-Dr. Rockso

"What was that? I couldn't hear you over my cosmic harmony"
-Max Willson

"And they're having the entire procedure without the aid of drugs. As someone who dosn't go to the movies without the aid of drugs last days salutes them"
-The Stranger (the newspaper not the book)

"I'm not biased, I'm informed!"
-Max Willson

"I hope you can see this Midway because I'm doing it as hard as I can"
-Phil, from Ev-Av Radio

"One day all these cookie-cutter New-wave ripoff bands are goign to combine Voltron-Style into a giant Mecha Ian Curtis and destroy downtown London. NME will give their rampage a 9 our of 10."

"Does a Bottle of Bourbon Make Drunk?"
-Destoo of EvAv

"Quickly! We have to get him inside, This is how musicals get started."
-Questionable Content

[Lethondrin]: Hah! I, healer druid, just out dueled a shadow priest
[Cynical]: Wait by duel do you mean she was in your group and you forgot to heal her?
[Lethondrin]: lol, kinda
[Patronsaint]: Hell if that's the case I once beat four people at once without even being at the keyboard

You can regret your decision in hell
-Christie from DOA4

How do I shoot web!?!
-Kevin, while playing DOA4, a game that has absolutely nothing to do with spiderman.

Remember Agent, Skills for Kills


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