Friday, June 29, 2007


I did almost all of the inane little things on my list of things to do while in Houston in the last two days.

I went to the Taco Cabana across from Taco Bell and raised my wallet high and spent more then I probably should on high class fast food. In one swift move I not only supported the idea that you can charge more for high quality products, but I did my bit of penance for every cent I misappropriated at the Taco Bell in Factoria.

I went and saw, with my own eyes, the massive open space where Astroworld used to be, it's absence glaring in my expectations.

After twenty minutes of wasted driving and an equally long argument about whether I was driving aimlessly or just lost (I'm not aimless damnit I have a very clear goal... Which I can't find at the moment) I found a Sonic, a fast food experience with unreasonable levels of significance. First of all Sonic runs commercials in Seattle, even though it has no locations there. Kevin and Adam, and I assume everyone else I know up there, have never been to Sonic even though their commercials truncated my daily dose of the daily show for nigh on a year. Going there brought triumph from that, but I was also supporting Sonic because I like their philosophy. If you hear their commercials four or five times a week for ever like I have then you know that they call them self "The ultimate drink stop." They're right. It's hard to do drinks better then everyone else, they're very basic. Coke is coke right? Sonic, however; will sell you all kinds of drink combinations, including my personal ambrosia: Diet Orange Coke. It's the only place I can get it without hand mixing.

Now I just have to go to Third Planet, a local comic shop, and get an unreasonably large steak from Salt Grass. The comic shop is partially to pay homage to an institute I support and partially to buy several bottles of BAWLS™ for the ride, and the steak house it because this is Texas Damnit, and I'm not passing up the opportunity to get steak from people who know how to do it right.


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