Tuesday, March 25, 2008


-Getting up at 6 and going to sleep at 10 still doesn't really feel right, but I have gotten into the swing of doing it. I've declared Saturday my slip day, a day where I'm allowed to wake up as late as I like, and if you keep that in mind I've only missed once since I started.

-I may have to stop attending D&D in Federal Way on Sundays because the group tends to run 'till midnight. It's a shame, I like that group.

-I may also have to stop running my D&D campaign on Saturdays. This is much less of a shame. I have a lot of dissonance with some of the people in that group

-The farmers market is a great way to know what's in season, and to get cheap farm fresh vegetables, but only in the summer. One of the annoying lessons of the organic market is that it's trickier to grow things in the winter, and the prices reflect that.

-My new giant whiteboard has allowed me to map out my internal discussions quite well. However this hasn't really allowed me to reach any more conclusions.

-A two day study, because it's better to call it that then to say that I forgot to take my secondary meds two days in a row, has found several things.
--Mood & mindset up a notch from taking fish oil and vitamins
--Strange taste in back of throat all morning is, in fact, from the fish oil
--A lower energy level even on the new schedule reduces me back painfully close to pre-revamp conditions.

-It's frightening to think that the simple application of vitamins could change the way I experience life so much.

-It's also a great sales pitch for vitamins though.


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