Tuesday, March 25, 2008


(This post will be updated periodically until remodelling is complete.)

I'm rearranging my room. It was sort of an impulse thing, but it's also highly symbollic. I'm rearranging everything else in my life too, so it seemed fitting. So far things are highly improved. I'm making much better use of my shelves, and I finally got my second monitor plugged in. There's some minor concern that I'll be walking on my bed while I'm writing on my giant whiteboard, but I don't really see why that's a problem. My bed is a mattress on the floor, I really can't find a reason not to walk on it.

One thing that interests me is the arrangement of my wall decor. I moved all of my posters on to one wall when I got the white board. Now the other wall as my giant white board, my normal white board, and my newly posted Israeli flag. Given that the contents of the white boards are written by me I'm thinking of just adding some pin up art to that wall and firmly establishing its role as my "Wall of Inflammatory Symbols." I'd like to add a Kucinich poster as well, and if possible a pair of bumper stickers from Kucinich '04 and Kucinich '08 to symbolize the unelectability of the only candidate to convince me that I should actually vote for him.

A lot of things get lost while you're moving this much stuff around. Most notably right now is my phone. I packed it along with a number of other small valuable objects into a box, and put that box under the lighter stuff, then transferred all of the lighter stuff to one corner so I could vacuum. Now it's lost somewhere down there in a low priority area, calling to me. I considered digging it out, but that would necessitate undoing so much of my grand work. Once again I'm one of the few people who acquired a cell phone, and remained inherently difficult to contact.


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