Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ease of Madness

I'm glad that I got my white board. It makes being crazier so much easier. The falling is an exert from my wall of inflammatory symbols. You were warned.

Who Am I?
With one hand I bring death & with the other I grant life.
With one hand you are damned & with the other you are redeemed.
I am the light in the darkness
I am the deepest night just before the dawn.
I am the one who stands in both worlds, master of both for I am master of myself.
I am both sides of the coin.
I am both edges of the sword.
I am at once the infinite wellspring of potential and the never ending void of despair.
I am the morning star. A servant of the lord with a fist raised to heaven.
I am מאיך

See, without my white board I would've had to write a simple post about how once again the resolution to my divisions of self is to simply accept both, but with the advent of test anxiety based sleep deprivation I can write bad poetry on my wall. Just like the homeless.


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