Friday, May 09, 2008

Insane 4-ish A.M. blogging

So lets go back to the same overarching subject that I was discussing last time I did an insane post. Medicine, of almost any kind, is something that I'm always a little suspicious of unless I'm genuinely sick. There are little recurring illnesses that I understand and know how to get around without any kind of chemical aid, and there are a few key chemicals that I know the function of and have an established trust of, but any time I'm introducing a new one into my rotation it's a shaky process. Tentative steps, hesitance to first acquire, general hesitance to use, all without a particularly good reason.

The recent addition is that of Benadryl. I purchased it a few days after my father finally convinced me to, and I tried it a week or so after that. I'm not taking it regularly yet, but I plan to starting Sunday.

This illustrates so well how much timid squirrel style poking it takes to get to the point of actually using the meds, and shows the breadth of my distrust. Benedryl is an uncontrolled anti-histamine medicine, the majority of my peers, with the key exception of Kevin, would take this without any real thought.

Anyway, I found it generally effective, when taken as advised, but I also underestimated its potency. Last night sometime around 3 I took a dose and set my alarm intent on getting some sleep. My alarm went off a few hours later, and was thoroughly trumped by the sleep deprivation and the meds.


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