Friday, May 09, 2008

Quotes Dump

My facebook quotes list is now longer then my screen. I'm going to empty it, and as always I'm saving them here for my amusement.

Be warned, the following content is highly likely to be NSFW.

"What? You always say I should have faith, well that's me having faith. Random anonymous blackmail."
-Huey Freeman, The Boondocks

"That's not a mega ramp! That's buttsex"

"Catholicism, as a fantasy setting, is just so Rich."

"You could learn Sanskirt. Bitches love sanskrit."

"Look I know you don't support the Scourge, or Lich King 08, but you're either pro-scourge or your pro-life."
-Max Willson

"Ann Coulter, a woman who keeps herself in excellent shape by dining only on her own bile..."
-Peter Sagal

"We're here in Sumata, a nation built on Coffee. The Sumatrans known as a nervous, edgy and dehydrated people..."

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Both ways involve me shooting you in the ass with this dart gun."
-Least I could Do

"My problems with WoW, and my problems with U.S. politics are remarkably similar"
-Max Willson

"Americans have a long tradition of turning outlaws into legends after their death. Billy the Kid, Bonny and Clyde, Jesus Christ..."
-The Simpsons

"No one can slay Argos Rex!"
-said in a tiny voice, while pantomiming a pull string doll by Mike in what I consider the most hilarious tribute to my character possible.

"I'm not like normal people. I don't have super powers, but I'm working on it. In my spare time I also enjoy stuffing animals, usually with other animals. For instance a badger will hold 5 squirrels, a squirrel will hold most of a cat, a mouse will hold a shrew And a vole. You get the idea, circle of life. I have broken the sound barrier but you must never ask me how. I don't believe in the moon, I think it's just the back of the sun. Furthermore... "
-Janitor, from Scrubs

Show me on this doll where the murloc touched you.
-David Morgan

"You're a disgrace to Tauren culture," said the shaman Lolhamburger.

"She looked down at her armor and said, "i'm cold.""

"Seattle PD is good at two things, catching criminals and gassing crowds."
-Bart, CSPC Ambassador

"The makers of Shin Chan do not endorse the message they've put on the screen."
-Shin Chan

"Something occurs to me about that post-op transsexual getting pregnant... is this grounds for a refund?"

"Game Over. Please insert Disk 4 to view the hour long FMV detailing the gruesome deaths of every one of the main characters."
-Gamers commentary on Lost Odyssey


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