Sunday, October 26, 2008

Car Troubles

So a few weeks ago I finally got off my ass and got my car into the shop. About a week later I got it back. Roughly two weeks have passed since then which consisted heavily of me thinking about keeping the car, me discussing these temptations with myself, and me avoiding that entire subset of thoughts. Usually but not necessarily in that order.

What it comes down to is that I need to get rid of it because the car facilitates negative behaviors while eliminating a few positive ones. I never realized how much reading I did on the bus until I suddenly stopped spending so much time on buses, and the less energy I spend fighting back the temptation to buy fast food the better.

Anyway, I go on to a few sites, talk to a few dealers, and decide that the best option is a direct sale on Craigslist. That part goes through with only minor holdups, until we get to Sunday where I'm making sure everything is out of the car so that I can go get it washed in a serious way, so that it'll look nice for the potential buyer whose coming by the see it.

This is when the roof starts giving me issues. This isn't entirely new, but it has been over a year since this last happened, and the last time I regularly used the roof it was doing fine. The new twist, from when last we met this villain, is that the roof refuses to fully close. Convertible that doesn't readily convert is one thing, but car with permanent hole in back of roof is a much much different thing. I inform the buyer of this, shoo her off, and get down to calling my repair staff.

They send me to a different repair staff with the promising name of "convertibles only." After a long drive made longer by how easily one can get lost in North Seattle I spend a half hour on the side of the street while the expert pokes and prods the roof engine in my car. All of his test and knowledge lead him to believe that something is wrong, and he has no idea what, and it'll cost $200, to $500 and maybe more to repair it. Also it'll be two weeks before he can take my car in.
He does show me the manual release lever for the top, so at least I can get it down enough to stably endure the rain, but there's a problem with the latch that neither of us understands, but prevents me from fully lowering my cars roof.

So all in all, I'm really glad the weather has been this good recently.


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