Thursday, March 26, 2009

Overarching Message

It's a firm belief of mine that everything, at its core, is very simple.  The exact details of how things happen and why they happen are still there, and still true, but there is a core truth in all things which is by nature very simple.  

Origionally this post was going to be about a new mantra of mine, but the new one isn't really new because it's still just me trying to get at the overaching truth of my goal.  Looking back all of the mantras have said the same basic message, although they've come at it from several angles.  Every one of them has been me trying to unlearn the fear of ambition.  Throughout the past year I've gone through "Not Enough!," "Choose Action," "Get shit done," and my most recent addition of "Don't regret this."  The last of those was based on the revelation that I only regret things I didn't do, throughout my entire life I can't think of anything I honestly regret doing.

All of these are calls to action, and while that isn't any kind of grand revelation unto itself, I find myself wondering why they're necessary.  What is it in life that taught me not to do things?  I find this topic particularly compelling because I think that it may be widespread.  Of those I know everyone has a dream, everyone has something they want to do, but very few of them actually do anything about it.  I have a lot of accusations, many of which can't be made without using the word "soma," but at the moment those are still in the realms of half formed insane theories, and I prefer to only write out fully formed insane theories.


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